The Outer kinds of Worship

The Outer kinds of Worship

At some point of history, some religions, because of their tampering, have positioned more emphasis at the inner format of worship, fully or partially brushing off the significance of the outer, even as others have placed more emphasis on obvious and seen acts of rituals, diminishing the value of perception. In religion Islam, there’s no absolute separation among the internal and outer – the internal state produces and need to produce outer manifestations, and outer conditions and movements have internal effects. There may be surely a link between the inner and outer state. All inner intentions lead to equal effect and movements. You’ll find a person’s internal condition by his outer. Someone in depression, tension or worry, can be find out by his action, behaviour, posture and expression on his face. Conversely, if certain activities or postures are adopted then the equivalent condition will result.

Visible acts of worship performed by Muslims are the part of Islam, some acts of worships are obligatory to perform and some are non-obligatory. It isn’t always sufficient for one to preserve certain ideals for salvation, but rather deeds are vital in order for one to achieve success on this existence and the subsequent.

Muslims should have to perform virtuous deeds and be pious all through the route in their lives, and must fulfil all the obligatory 5 pillars of religion Islam. Those acts of worship were prescribed by Islam, consisting of the daily five times Salah, yearly fasting in the whole month of Ramadan, compulsory charity and a sacred journey to Makkah for the performance Hajj. there are many other acts of worship prescribed in Islam other than the pillars, a number of which are compulsory and others of that are voluntary, their performance left to a Muslim’s discretion.

Acts of worship ought to be completed with full awareness of what one is doing and focus.

Advantage of Worship

ALLAH Almighty is not in need of our worship, Muslims performs acts of worship to get salvation from hell fire and for asking forgiveness for all the sins and transgressions. Worship in Islam is for the benefit of humanity, both in the character and societal feel. Worship is vital for the renovation of spirituality within the life of Muslims and its increase.

When someone spends his day appearing precise acts of worship, they’re constantly reminded of the motive of existence and their final end, and this in flip facilitates them to accord their lives according to the teachings of Islam.

Possible genuinely see the impact worship has on a collective level. Society is merely a conglomeration of people, and whilst individuals are spiritually and morally upright, the society itself will also be upright.

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Islam Is The Best Religion:

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A person is able to speak with ALLAH any time, 24 hours throughout the whole day, complete 12 months via Zikar or Dua, salah and ibadat. A Non-Muslim can get many advantages by changing its religion into Islam. However this is not the only advantage of converting to Islam, there are numerous other advantages that possible experience and we’re going speak them beneath.

Advantages of Entering Into Islam:

* By accepting religion Islam, it enables in decreasing all styles of social illness of the society like juvenile delinquency, domestic abuse, child abuse, crimes, and others.

* A person by accepting Islam is capable of acquire peace, because Islam is a religion of faith and peace and it teaches such a lot of matters consisting of peace, concord, equality, and love along with your circle of relatives, with human beings around you.

*A person who accepts Islam will remove the bad wondering and electrostatic expenses that comes out of your mind, by offering the daily Salah or namaz. Muslims prostrate by prostrating at the floor; as such grounding themselves, and through prostration man or woman discharge all the terrible charges into the ground. This could additionally help a person to do away with many intense neurological illnesses out of your body.

* By moving into Islam a person acquires a pleasant persona. He may be friendly and humble to others; he or she avoids drinking alcohol, using drugs and prevents himself in related to in specific vulgarity things or immorality.

* A person who accepts Islam will even comply with and strongly believe on 5 pillars of Islam. Within the month of Ramadan Muslim experience fasting and by way of this he or she will be able to have willpower, self-control, self-obedience and so forth. A person surely turns into able to improve his or her behaviour, fitness, character, and personality.

* A person become capable of manage his lusts, goals, greed, ego, selfishness and conceitedness.

* By performing pilgrimage, visiting to Makkah, someone will transcend himself from being nationalistic, sectarian into being customary and unite. Hajj and Umrah gives the message of brotherhood and a person will do away with any complexity of inferiority or superiority. In the course of spending time in Makkah, he or she can be able to go to the Holy locations of Makkah like location of revelation of the Holy Quran and the sacred and blessed places which linked to the history of religion Islam.

A Muslim while die, he or she will die at peace. Muslim will spend satisfied lifestyles in grave and later. Angels at the time of death will comfort Muslim and he’s going to get vicinity in paradise.

These had been few blessings that we’ve noted above and there are many more that a person get by entering into the religion Islam.

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What Are The Qualities Of True Muslims?

Qualities of a true muslim

Islam is a religion which pays great attention on Ethics of moral values and this is considered as the most important aspect of religion Islam. In order to guide peoples towards righteousness ALLAH Almighty revealed Holy Book, The Holy Quran, which contains the complete guidelines and teachings regarding all the matters and circumstances of life and whatever a Muslim wants to know either it is about this worldly life in general or the proper way of living life.

Muslim’s are advised to make their character high and Islam puts huge emphasis on this so Muslims must accept high ethical qualities while their stay in this world. Muslims should take guidance for the adoption of ethical and high character from the life of Prophet (PBUH), Holy Quran mentions about the moral values that every Muslim must incorporate should adopt in their life to make themselves pious.

Some of the major Qualities of the Muslim character are given below:

* A True Muslims must have quality in his character, of tolerance and patience. These two are the feature that appears practically in almost every circumstance, situation or aspect of life. When a person adopts patience in life, only then he will becomes able to tolerate the toughness and hardships of life and the most significant thing is that he face all the troubles and hardships strongly without losing his imaan.

* The ethical values in Muslims include worshipping ALLAH Almighty. Being a Muslim it is our responsibility to fulfil our religious duties and obligations. Muslims must perform all the five obligatory pillars and Muslim should have to offer daily 5 times namaz which is an obligation to perform and there is not any excuse of skipping any of the salah. Nowadays Muslims consider salah as just type of responsibility and perform it not by heart; most of the people without understanding the actual meaning of namaz perform it mechanically.

* Another ethical and moral value is helping poor and needy people, known as charity, charity can be obligatory or voluntary. Obligatory charity is known as Zakat which is paid by every financial able Muslim in the month pf Holy Ramadan, but voluntary charity is saqadah which can be done with money or with act of helping. Zakat is an obligation to pay on every Muslim who is well-off and can afford to pay.

* Another one is kindness and humbleness, a Muslim must have to be kind and humble with other peoples and deal with them with kindness.

* Avoid backbiting, Muslims should not indulge in any kind of vein or lewd talking and also avoid themselves from the conversation include backbiting.

There are so many other things which Muslim follows in order to make their character better.

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Blessed Religion Islam

Islam is the blessed religion which provides Muslim complete detailed information regarding living life on this earth. Muslims perform acts of worship for worshiping ALLAH Almighty and every Muslim dreams in their whole life to perform Umrah, it is performed by undertaking sacred journey to Makkah. Umrah is also known as minor pilgrimage and can be performed at anytime of the year. There is not any fixed time or month for undertaking the sacred pilgrimage of performing minor pilgrimage. Minor pilgrimage is an act of worship which is although not obligatory but it is extremely recommended to perform and it belongs highly to spiritual sentiments of Muslims.

Every adult Muslim wants to pay a visit to the House of ALLAH Almighty, The Holy Kaaba because it is sunnah to perform minor pilgrimage. When Muslims are in Makkah they apologize for their sins and transgression which they had committed in past and ask forgiveness ALLAH Almighty for everything they have done and pray to ALLAH Almighty to guide and make them righteous and pious Muslims. Muslims leaves their homes for sacred voyage with lots of wishes and hopes with strong belief that their all prayers and wishes will be accepted and fulfilled, Muslims indulge themselves in doing more and more acts of worship. Performing minor pilgrimage is dream of every adult Muslim so that they fulfill their sacred religious responsibility and make their mistakes, transgressions and sins forgiven.


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Umrah is a religious responsibility to perform by all able Muslims, umrah is sacred pilgrimage to makkah and it is well known as minor pilgrimage in religion Islam. Performing minor pilgrimage is a Sunnah act of worship that Muslims can perform in any month and at any time throughout the whole year excluding the five days of Hajj because in the five days of Hajj performing minor pilgrimage is not allowed. Muslims leaves their houses for undertaking the sacred journey to Makkah with the strong intention of performing minor pilgrimage, a Muslims who leaves their homes to perform minor pilgrimage is considered as pilgrim till the time he or she reaches back to their home.

Umrah is an act of worship which has great blessings for those who perform this. Muslims are advised to perform minor pilgrimage at least once in their whole life but it must be done by only those Muslims who can afford to undertake this sacred voyage physically and financially. The sacred journey to Makkah requires a person to be mentally, physically and financially sound and fit. Although minor pilgrimage does not contain much rites and ritual as Hajj, but still in order to perform minor pilgrimage Muslim needs to perform all the rites actively and attentively. The entire period of sacred journey of Makkah requires great amount of money and for this reason it is said that financially able Muslims should perform this act of worship although it is not obligatory like Hajj but it is highly recommended by religion Islam and performing minor pilgrimage has great importance and rewards.

If a Muslim have enough money to afford then he or she should also try to perform Umrah more than once. Minor pilgrimage can be performed as many times as person can afford and it is suggested to peoples to strive hard to perform minor pilgrimage if their health and budget allows. It has been seen in the recent period that Muslim who are physically fit and even financially sound too, they do not consider to visit Holy Makkah for the performance of pilgrimage rather they leave this act of worship for their last years of life, or many peoples prefer visiting other countries for their relax and enjoyment, this is not the right act to do a person should perform pilgrimage whenever he or she get chance because death is unpredictable and no one knows when he is going to die so it is better for all those able Muslims to perform pilgrimage soon as many times as they can.

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Few Things To Keep In Mind


Umrah or minor pilgrimage is the holy journey to Makkah, which is not obligatory to perform but undertaking this journey for the performance of Umrah is highly suggested. There is not any fixed or prescribed time or month for performing lesser pilgrimage; it can be performed at any time throughout the whole year. Performing Umrah practically is quite different than just studying it as theory.
In order to know about the complete procedure of performance of minor, we should have the knowledge of the steps which are involved.

* Intending to visit Holy city Makkah,
* Getting into the clothing of Umrah, Ihram
* Pronouncing or uttering the Intention,
* Performing Tawaaf seven times around the Holy Kaaba,
* Drinking the water of Zamzam,
* performing Saaee, seven lengths run from Safa to Marwah,
* Halq or Taqseer, the last ritual, this is the shaving of the head hairs completely (for men) and trimming about an inch from the bottom (for women).

If a person is enough financial and physical able to undertake this sacred journey to makkah for the performance of minor pilgrimage, then without wasting time in thinking he or she should make intention and perform minor pilgrimage. A person before leaving for Makkah, should leave enough provision for his family so they will not get trapped in any trouble. Its time to get prepared spiritually with Umrah, person who perform this will get great rewards and blessings that he has never imagined, there are so many things that a person should before leaving for Umrah.

*   It is very necessary before going to sacred journey that a person should have cleared all our dues and debts that he owes others. Settlements of dues and debts are very necessary for a pilgrim, only ALLAH Almighty knows that either he will be able to back to their home. Another important reason of clearing all the dues and debt is that if a person is indebted, then according to the religious conditions, he do not qualifies for performing minor pilgrimage, and it is also not allowed in Islam to undertake the sacred journey with borrowed money.

* If you are employee and doing job somewhere then it is considered as manners to inform them and ask permission before deciding and getting leaves for Umrah. It’s absolutely high manners and respectfulness to look for the boss permission and approval. Women can not go on sacred journey alone, she should have to go with their respective mehrams like Father, husband, son, brother etc, who is Muslim and mentally and physical able.

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Three main pillars of islam

The Five Pillars of Islam are compulsory acts in Islam that are considered to be the foundation of every Muslim life. These acts are seen as being very important to all those who practice Islam, which is the reason why we think it is essential that they are understood correctly.


    Shahadah is very significant, as it is the declaration of belief and trust that there is only one God Allah Almighty, It is also the declaration that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of ALLAH Almighty.

This is done by saying a set statement in Arabic language, which translates as

I bear witness that none is worthy of worship but

ALLAH Almighty, the One alone, without partner and I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His Messenger.

It is necessary that each Muslim utter this statement in order to establish their Islamic belief, and it is also vital for those people who wish to convert to Islam.

 Salat or Prayer

Salat or Namaz is the Islamic prayer, which consists of five times daily prayers. These may be performed everywhere in neat and clean clothing and place, whether you are at home or at job, but to perform Namaz mosque is the preferred place. There are a series of positions that should be followed whilst reciting the Namaz, which include bowing, standing and prostrating.

The names of each of the Namaz are assigned due to the time of day when they are performed. These are:

  • Fajr – This means dawn, and is carried out before the sunrise.
  • Zuhr – Noon, and is carried out at midday after Zawaal.
  • Asr – This stands for afternoon, and must be carried out in late afternoon before the sunset.
  • Maghrib – Evening prayer, which is performed after the sun has set.
  • Esha – This is the last prayer of the day and means ‘night’.

All of these must be carried out whilst facing the Holy Kaaba in Makkah, and only after the Muslim has purified. This act is called Wuzu, and should be carried out before every Namaz.

 Sawm or Fasting

It is ritual fasting that is done in the Holy month of Ramadan by all Muslims. Ritual fasting (Roza) is obligatory to all Muslims who have reached puberty during the Holy Ramadan (except the pregnant, elderly, or those who have a health issues). This is where they refrain from food and drink from dawn until sunset, meaning that they are only capable to eat in the hours before dawn.

Numerous reasons are given for why it is significant for Muslims to fast (Roza), which include:

  • Seeking nearness to ALLAH Almighty
  • Looking for forgiveness from ALLAH Almighty
  • Expressing their thanks
  • Atoning for any past committed sins

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